When Pittsburgh met Heisenberg — a Pirates/’Breaking Bad’ mash-up about finally breaking .500

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Pittsburgh Pirates fans have a reason to be flying high. Their team is five wins away from its first winning season in 20 years. That's cause to celebrate ... and a mash-up of "Breaking Bad" tough-talk set to Pirates highlights is just the way to do it. It comes from Benstonium.com, which also made this "Breaking .500" T-shirt.

Pittsburgh and Heisenberg (the power-ego alter ego of main character Walter White) do have some parallels — they both had grown tired of being walked all over for years and both had an unlikely rise to power. But, the Pirates aren't cooking meth. They're winning baseball games. Finally.

We can hope, however, that Bucs manager Clint Hurdle doesn't let his team's newfound success go to his head and become a manipulative, murderous tyrant. You know what would be cool? If one of the Pirates relief pitchers changed their name to Saul (as in attorney Saul Goodman) so during a call to the bullpen we can all make "Better call Saul" jokes.

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