Pirates fan expected to attend tonight's Cubs-Brewers game

OK, so it's the Pirates fan that everyone in Chicago hopes ends up buying the Cubs.

From the Chicago Tribune:

"Sure, Tribune Co. chief Sam Zell has said the Chicago Cubs' financial books would go out around now, but it's a ballgame not a book signing Wednesday that will bring potential buyer Mark Cuban to see the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field.

Although Cuban would probably be just as at home in the bleachers, if not more so, don't be surprised if the TV and Internet entrepreneur shows up in primo seats alongside Tribune Broadcasting head Ed Wilson.

As one of those fans who hopes Cuban ends up rankling Jerry Reinsdorf and his cronies as a fellow owner (just like NBA!), I again welcome Mr. Maverick to our fair city. However, I also can't get over his knack for finding the spotlight. Dallas was just eliminated by New Orleans and tonight's Brewers-Cubs game will be on ESPN. It's almost like the television execs lured him here with a Bat signal or something.