Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez uses newspaper’s goof to prank his mom

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

This happened: Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Jonathan Sanchez was suspended six games by Major League Baseball after throwing at Allen Craig of the St. Louis Cardinals.

This didn't: Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez was suspended. Yet when the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on the incident, it goofed and ran a picture of Tony Sanchez rather than Jonathan.

So what did Tony do? Get super angry? Decry the media? Nope, he used the misprint as a chance to prank his mom. He shared his joke with the world, via Twitter:

It's reminiscent of the gag that comedian Nathan Fielder has made popular as of late. He tells teens to text their parents outlandish things, then screenshot their reactions and share them on Twitter.

Because you're wondering: Tony Sanchez did eventually tell his mom it was a prank. "She's freaking out," he later tweeted. "I had to tell her."

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