Pirates break out Christmas sweaters for special holiday video

More than ever baseball players are getting in the holiday spirit by decking out in festive attire and then letting the world know about it through social media. I'm pretty sure that can be proven as fact, though it's possible it only seems that way because most of the ensembles we've seen have been obnoxious, bordering on ridiculous.

Here's looking at you, Jonathan Papelbon. And then looking away quickly before our heads explode.

Anyway, we shouldn't be too critical of their choices simply because it's nice to see players embracing the holidays and the joys that come along with them. Also, it takes some guts to post the photos on Twitter for all of the world to digest.

But yes, we're totally judging them anyway. We can't help ourselves.

With all of that said we now present a slightly different twist on the new phenomenon in the form of a holiday video featuring the Pittsburgh Pirates. As seen above, the video includes appearances by NL MVP Andrew McCutchen, Manager of the Year Clint Hurdle and all-star Jason Grilli. It's edited in the same Saturday Night Live style that we saw them debut early in 2013 as their starting lineup was introduced to fans at PNC Park, which is a nice touch as it brings their overwhelmingly successful year full circle.

As for the video itself, the sweaters are pretty basic in their design and don't really give off the cringe-worthy vibe we've become accustomed to. That's slightly disappointing. But beyond that it's really just a simple and fun video that felt like an appropriate way to usher in Christmas week.

Hopefully you enjoy, but if for some reason the video doesn't do it for you, there's always the New York Mets holiday video. That's a can't miss.

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