Pink-stitched baseballs ready for breast cancer awareness and Mother’s Day

David Brown

The late Ted Williams used to say that his vision was so sharp, he could pick out the stitches on a baseball as it was pitched to him. But how would his eyes do scanning for pink stitches, instead of the 108 traditional red ones?

For the cause of breast cancer awareness, major leaguers this Sunday will get a chance to play ball with pink stitches and markings. Since the 2006 season, ballplayers (many, not all) have used pink bats on Mother's Day to get with the MLB's program, which originally was borrowed from NHL hockey players. Some ballplayers have used pink batting gloves. Pink fielding gloves might not be far behind. How about pink caps? MLB certainly has the apparatus to sell it all.

As for the baseballs: Not everyone can see as well as Ted Williams could, so we should be curious if they have a harder time than usual picking up a visual. Most of the pelota will still be white, of course, but you figure that many players can at least make out the reddish blur whizzing toward them. Only this time, it's not so red.

Prediction: Most of these guys will lose points on their ERA. If it helps cancer survivors, so be it.

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