Pick your favorite Yasiel Puig T-shirt

When you earn four curtain calls in your first five games at the major league level, you've already proven yourself worthy of your very own T-shirt.

On Friday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers obliged their rookie sensation, Yaisel Puig, and honored him with the new T-shirt you see pictured above. The "Viva Puig" T-shirt was available to all who attended Friday night's game at Dodger Stadium. A game where Puig's legend continued to grow after hitting a game-tying home run in the sixth and being intentionally walked in the eighth. The Dodgers later won 2-1 in 10 innings.

So Puig gets his own T-shirt, which is awesome. And it's not a bad looking shirt, either. However, it seems there are some creative folks out there who believe they can do a little better than the Dodgers when it comes to creativity.

In particular, Dave Pomerantz created a pretty interesting shirt that you can see below.

Our friends at Eye on Baseball explained the significance of the T-shirt through a video from South Park. Or at least that's how it was explained to me. I admittedly rarely watched that show, so the whole concept didn't make sense initially. Now it makes perfect sense, and I have to applaud the creative effort.

Perhaps you do as well. Or maybe you hate both and are waiting for the next batch. Fire away with your comments.

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