Photos: Mariners turn back the clock to 1909

The one ballpark promotion I’ll never not enjoy is a well thought out “Turn Back the Clock Day” that everyone in the organization embraces and executes on a grand scale.

With that in mind, congratulations are in order to the Seattle Mariners, because they did it right when they turned back the clock to the 1900s for their Saturday afternoon game against the Chicago Cubs.

From the awesome throwback jerseys, to the announcer reciting the lineups with a bullhorn from behind home plate, and especially the President William H. Taft lookalike throwing out the game's first pitch from the front row, the Mariners had their bases covered. In fact, as Jacob Thorpe of points out, the Mariners were so committed to turning back the clock they actually gave up their designated hitter in the ninth inning. Baseball as it was designed to be played.

Alright, well, maybe they didn't take it quite that far. That decision was actually made out of necessity after center fielder Dustin Ackley injured his left hand diving for a flyball. But everything else was a part of the show, including the Seattle Mariners Twitter describing the game as if it was being played in 1909.

And now, what you've really been waiting for: I present to you some of photos that helped capture the day, beginning with the Mariners bench decked out in their 1909 Seattle Turks uniforms.

And here are the Cubs wearing their 1909 uniforms.

The groundscrew prepares the field for action.

Today's starting lineups.

President Taft arrives.

Jeff Samardzijia (center) fits in any era.

So does Eric Wedge, but I'm disappointed to see the umpires didn't play along. Boo!

Cubs win to improve their 1909 record to 105-49.

You know what baseball in 2013 has in common with baseball in 1909?

The Pittsburgh Pirates have the best record.

1909: 110-42

2013: 50-30

Hmm. Maybe turning back the clock isn't limited to Seattle after all.

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