Photo: Wrigley Field bleachers relocated 1,807 miles west

You don't have to watch many Cubs road games to figure out that they attract a following on the road. Still, the representation always seems to spike higher when they travel to Arizona, where they've been encamped in Mesa longer than the D'Backs have been a franchise and many Chicagoans who are smarter than me go to escape our winters.

During Tuesday night's game, the blue-fueled roars were quite noticeable on television, especially when Carlos Zambrano launched a two-run homer in the seventh. The picture above is of several fans failing to come up with the ball.

C'mon yellow polo guy! Stop texting on your phone and try to make a play!

There have been so many Cubs fans at Chase Field for this series that one of the local papers said the D'backs' MLB-high of 18 April home games should actually only be considered 12 when you factor in the Cardinals fans who swarmed earlier this month.

From the Arizona Daily Star:

This is hardly anything new for the D-backs, so manager Bob Melvin said he didn't think the opposing fans bothered his players.

Third baseman Mark Reynolds agreed.

"It doesn't make a difference," Reynolds said. "It is what it is. We're a franchise that hasn't been around that long. And this is a transplant city, with a lot of people who aren't from here, and we've got to accept it. We have our fans."

Given that Arizona is battling a drop in attendance to start the 2009 season, it's hard to see any D'Backs actually coming out and complaining. A paycheck is a paycheck, no matter the color of the shirts worn by those who are funding it ... right?

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