Photo: Scalp tattoo turns man into walking billboard for Padres

What comes to mind?

• So, what was the bet that he lost?

• Why is David Wells shopping at Walmart?

• It probably would be redundant to get a tat of the Swingin' Friar. (But there's still space for it!)

• Do the Padres know about this guy and, if so, have they given him a lifetime pass to PETCO Park?

• Sixty-nine cents for an ice cream cone at Walmart McDonald's?!

• In a dystopian future, tattoos like these could replace caps for players.

• Hey, it's Padres pitching coach Darren Baldsley!

• This never would have worked on Oscar Gamble's head in 1978.

• You won't see Diamondbacks fans doing this until Matt Williams leads by example.

Big BLS H/T: Gaslamp Ball and The People of Walmart

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