Photo: Sammy Sosa’s skin is still very white


We all remember the ruckus that Sammy Sosa caused in 2009 when he stepped out in pictures looking white as a ghost. Though none of us knew what in the name of Michael Jackson was happening, the old Chicago Cubs slugger went on to explain that he was just having his skin rejuvenated through some sort of process or another.

That wasn't too surprising for a man who prefers better living through chemistry and when he showed up at a Miami Heat playoff game last spring, it looked as if the skin treatments — and their light aftereffects — were behind him. Sosa looked like his normal self. The Clorox had been capped.

However, as this recent photo from Comcast SportsNet's Chuck Garfien shows, the winter months must be rejuvenation time for Sosa, because he again looks ghastly:

In truth, Sammy Sosa appearing whiter than Mark McGwire is no longer really news (though all bets are off on a baseball blog on January 19). But I still find it interesting that he's starting to look like the cousin of another famous Chicago outcast, Jay Mariotti.

And as our own Dave Brown points out, perhaps he's making a move to turn into the real-life version of Prince's gigolo character from "Under The Cherry Moon"?

Yeah, I can see it:

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