Photo: Rangers and Giants pumpkins are bountiful this Halloween

ARLINGTON, Texas — Why, hello there! What a cute bunch of little catchers and first basemen you all are today! Hold on, let me dig in my laptop bag to see what I can russle up for your goodie bags and pillow cases. There has to be a little something for, you know, the effort.

A World Series parking pass for Game 3? No, that won't do you much good. A box of Altoids? Wait, they're all gone. A Cooper's BBQ receipt ... Lousy directions from Love Field to my hotel ... A Spanish language newspaper from San Francisco with Pablo Sandoval(notes) on the front? Yeah, that won't do either.

Well, uh, hey kids — hahahaha — this is awkward, but it — hahahahaha — looks like your uncle 'Duk has again lost track of the time and forgotten to buy those giant bags of Big League Chew I promised you during last year's World Series. I know it's no excuse, but I woke up this morning thinking we were already a few days from Thanksgiving. You tend to lose track of time during baseball's playoff season.

So, kids, I'm sorry, but until next Halloween, you're just going to have to tide yourself over with these great pumpkins that Jason Sickles, our local Dallas editor for Yahoo!, carved up in honor of the Texas Rangers, who will try to even up the World Series against that team dressed in Halloween orange-and-black.

What's that, Tiny Timmy? You say you're a Giants fan? Well, I luckily came prepared for this one. Click below for pumpkins honoring closer Brian Wilson(notes) and the team's logo, as well as some AP shots of costumes spotted around Rangers Ballpark.

Big BLS H/N: @kschmidt2 for the Giants pumpkins