Photo: Phillies fans ease up with signs behind Giants dugout

Signs, signs, everywhere there've been signs at Citizens Bank Ballpark during the NLCS. Some of them, held up behind the visitors dugout during Game 1, were downright nasty toward San Francisco Giants slinger Tim Lincecum(notes).

The (presumably) Philadelphia Phillies fans who wrote "FIX YOUR TEETH" and "HIPPY (sic) TRASH" might have been shamed into fixing their own trash for Game 2. Not only were those suggestions rude, unnecessarily personal and unfunny, but somebody misspelled "HIPPIE."

Well, given a chance to make amends, the sign-makers came through — kind of — with some toned-down and correctly spelled language.

"We're Sorry... HIPPIE" — with the "IE" underlined to denote the spelling fix, was especially clever. And suggesting that former Phillie Pat Burrell(notes) wets the bed and is pigeon-toed was old school. But what's with "Wife Cheats"? Is the fan on the left suggesting that Burrell's wife cheats on him? That he cheats on her? Is it the fan's own wife who cheats? And cheats at what? Bridge?

Maybe we'll find out if the series returns to Philadelphia.

Below, check out the Game 1 photo for a comparison.

"WANNA SMOKE?" That's pretty good.

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