Photo: Padres fan regrets letting mother capture moment with Trevor Hoffman

David Brown

Protip: if you're posing for a picture with a future Hall of Famer, don't give your mom the camera

— @Matthewverygood, via Twitter

My grandfather was a photographer and wire operator for the Associated Press, and he always had advice, sometimes unsolicited, for others taking pictures. One of his bedrock principles: "Everybody has feet." In other words, don't necessarily worry about capturing the entirety of a person in a given photograph — just concentrate on getting the best possible photograph.

The photographer who took the picture in this post, of her son @Matthewverygood and San Diego Padres legend Trevor Hoffman at the team's recent FanFest, certainly resists the temptation to get everyone's feet into the shot. She might have taken it a little too far, actually.

So, what otherwise would have been a terrific photo of a great closer and a big Padres fan became a funny photo of a great closer and a big Padres fan who might be in a witness protection program.

Note: My second favorite part of the photo is that Hoffman has a nameplate, as if Pads fans might confuse him with Andy Ashby.

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