Photo: Masked fans demand A’s autographs at Cactus League game

David Brown

PHOENIX — In this corner, from parts unknown, wearing gold and green slacks, suit coats with the sleeves ripped off, bow ties and wrestling masks ... two kids hunting for Oakland Athletics signatures.

These young men, perhaps in their mid-teens, obviously have a theme going on here. Given the nature of what happens in the grandstands of whatever they're calling Oakland Alameda County Coliseum these days, the dynamic duo surely fit in. And the A's will be a little bit more of a circus this season, as long as Manny Ramirez stays on the right side of the rules and Yoenis Céspedes can build on his debut performance.

The tag team duo obviously have been trained well in the autograph-securing arts — note their hyper-vigilant nature, and the books full of baseball cards for players to sign. They must have a good manager (like Freddie Blassie was for the Iron Sheik). I think it's the David Wells character behind them. Just as long as they don't say thank you to Jemile Weeks by hitting him in the back with a folding chair.

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