Photo: The Marlins’ ridiculous-looking home run sculpture is almost complete

Big League Stew

With the start of the 2012 season fast approaching, workers are busy putting the final touches on the Miami Marlins' new ballpark in Little Havana. No joke, they've got owner Jeffrey Loria laying sod and first baseman Gaby Sanchez testing the strength of the aquarium glass behind home plate by throwing baseballs at it.

The most notable progress this week, however, has come in left-center field where the Red Grooms-designed home run monstrosity is finally becoming a reality. From swaying palm trees to jumping marlins to flamingos who are straight chillin', we're getting closer and closer to the animation of something that must have been in the Mayan prophecy.

After seeing this acid trip come to life, I can't say that my feelings have changed on it much. It still looks crazy, but it is a direct reflection of the culture they're running down there in south Florida. If you look at it objectively, New York's giant rising apple and Chicago's exploding scoreboard were pretty absurd at the times they were introduced. Maybe Mike Stanton will help us to get over the shock of seeing this light up every time he pounds a ball high over the Marlins Ballpark fence.

Or not.

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