Photo: This guy was a big baseball player back in high school

SURPRISE!, Ariz. — I'm not generally a fan of made-up names on sports jerseys, or even your own name (unless it also happens to be of the player), but this jersey that I spotted the other day at Kansas City Royals camp works for me for several reasons.

1. Because it's a baseball jersey, it reminds me of two Bruce Springsteen songs: "Born In the USA" (guh) and "Glory Days" — which I referenced in the headline. I asked the guy if he liked Springsteen and not only did he say yes, but that he used to work in Freehold, N.J., the town of the Boss' origin.

2. It's an Arizona Diamondbacks jersey and he's wearing it in Arizona. That means it would come in handy if you're ever stopped by state authorities and asked to produce proof of citizenship. Just point to your back and move along.

3. From a distance, the back looked like it read: "Bournigal," as in Rafael.

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