Photo: Gaylord Perry 'lobbies' Bud Selig to repeal spitball ban

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Just one more question, Mr. Commissioner!

After Bud Selig finished addressing a group of reporters Sunday in the press box of Scottsdale Stadium, one more person got to ask him something.

Ladies and gentleman, Hall of Fame right-hander Gaylord Perry!

Perry, who was alleged (even by himself) to have thrown a spitball, made a special request.

"Hey, Mr. Commissioner. I'd like for a rule to be changed," said Perry, who had 3,534 strikeouts and 314 victories in his 22 seasons.

"Which one would that be, Gaylord?" Selig said, playing along.

"I think you know," Perry said with an ear-to-ear grin. "I want to make a comeback."

Hilarity! Abbott and Costello were only prologue.

Coincidentally, or perhaps it was ironically, Selig had just finished a session with reporters discussing, among other matters, HGH testing. Selig didn't reveal any news, just that it's a "complicated subject."

Spitballs, I think we all agree, are just plain funny. Selig did ask Perry to provide a saliva sample on his way out. (Not really.)

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