Philly's 'Red Man' leaves courthouse, doesn't break character

There are just certain things in sports history that make me laugh whenever I think of them. Denny Green's "crown 'em!" rant. Bobby Valentine's disguise. Gus Frerotte.

The list's newest addition? Philadelphia's new cult hero, the tripped-up Red Man of Matt Diaz fame, leaving the courthouse dressed just as he entered before sheepishly climbing into his parents' SUV and ending his time in the spotlight.

Watch his walk of shame on the NBC Philadelphia video below:

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Actually, I shouldn't laugh at this because as you'll see in the video below, the parents of this impulsive 17-year-old are angry at him for his 15 minutes of jackassery. Like, really angry.

And while I do applaud them for scolding him — and those of us in the glorifying and guffawing public! — I still chuckle every time I see him in that jumpsuit.

That's probably because it reminds me of the time I saw a kid get kicked out of a Foo Fighters concert for throwing both of his shoes at the drummer in the opening act. A few hours later, he was still waiting for a ride outside the Aragon Ballroom in his bare feet.

Like Philly's Red Man, it was an example of a youthful plan that wasn't very well thought out.

Hey, I've been there before and you might have, too. Which makes it so funny to me.

I'm sorry Mrs. Redman's Mom, I just can't help myself.

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