Phillies' Glove Day: Keep your hands out of Marlon Byrd's pocket!

David Brown
Big League Stew

After stopping to see the Red Sox and Twins, craftsmen from Wilson Sporting Goods are making their annual baseball glove delivery to the Philadelphia Phillies spring training home in Clearwater, Fla.

One of the biggest takeaways from this segment is how much a glove matters to a relief pitcher. Right-hander Jonathan Papelbon says "it makes all the difference in the world" that the pocket on his glove is big and stays wide so it's easy for him to get a grip on his split-finger fastball.

"Everything boils down to me throwing my split-finger," Papelbon said. "It's easy to grab a slider or a two-seam fastball. "The hard part for me is to grab that split to where my glove doesn't move so I tip my pitch."

Other players have mentioned how their baseball glove is like "their baby" — catcher Carlos Ruiz repeats this mantra — but outfielder Marlon Byrd takes it a step further. His glove, a futuristic-looking A3000 1955, is like the baby you're not allowed anywhere near.

"I can't stand people putting their hands inside my game glove," Byrd said. "No one's allowed to touch it — not even my dad."

Byrd says his glove is the "only one" of its kind in baseball. Keep your hands off the baby.

This episide does not feature master craftsman Shigeaki Aso, but it does have technician Ryan Smith entirely re-lacing the glove of Phillies utilityman Cesar Hernandez practically while we watch. Impressive stuff.

Later this week — the Toronto Blue Jays get their gamers delivered.

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