Phillie Phanatic does cross-body block on racing sausages (Video)

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The Philadelphia Phillies don't much appreciate what Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun is doing to them. He hit three home runs the other day, hit a big triple Wednesday and his team is on the verge of sweeping Philly's home-opening series. Corey Seidman of CSN Philly notes that Braun has 39 RBIs for his career against the Phillies in 31 fewer games than it has taken him to get 42 RBIs against the Braves and Mets combined. Is there nothing anyone can do? Short of putting up four fingers every time Braun comes to bat? Booing and putting up one finger, along with Phillies pitching, have not been effective.

Well, there is intimidation by proxy. The Phillie Phanatic decided Wednesday night to hit Milwaukee where it hurts the most — right in the sausage. The Racing Sausage. In order to help a little girl in a Phillies cap win a foot race against her beefy competitors (who looked a lot like the Racing Sausages of Miller Park), the mascot sacrificed itself by attempting a cross-body block on two sausages, knocking their buns out of the race and clearing the way for the little girl to finish first.

If at first you don't succeed, cheat — and that's no PED pun, or wasn't meant to be. Will the Phanatic try anything on Braun himself in the series finale? More martial arts? Tastykakes laced with illegal substances? Lingerie show? Only the mascot knows for sure.


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