Gee Whiz! Philadelphia Phillies Triple-A team adds urine-powered video gaming to its stadium

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Minor league baseball teams, you can save your crazy food creations and wacky theme nights for next year. We have a winner for weirdest thing happening this season in a minor-league ballpark. That's because the Lehigh Valley IronPigs of the International League, the Philadelphia Phillies' Triple-A club, have announced video games in their male urinals that are powered by pee.

No, it's not April Fool's Day. Yes, this is true. And you don't even have to put in a quarter!

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Remember "writing your name" in the snow? Well, this is that for the hyper-connected, video-game generation. Actually, one of the games available to play is alpine skiing.

Pee-gamers get a score each time they play and a code they can later punch into a website (wash your hands first, dudes) to track their progress. The top scorers even get displayed on the jumbotron during the game. It will be the proudest potty moment for many men since they were 2.

Let's cut to the announcement from the IronPigs:

Coca-Cola Park will be the first sports venue in the world to feature a brand new revolutionary "Urinal Gaming System", allowing fans to interact with the world's only truly hands-free urinal game controller, when the Lehigh Valley IronPigs open their 2013 season this April. The p-controlled video game systems will be featured within all men's restrooms at Coca-Cola Park and are exclusively presented by Lehigh Valley Health Network.

"These games are sure to make a huge splash," exclaimed IronPigs General Manager Kurt Landes. "Our fans are always looking for the next big thing and these 'X-Stream games' are another example of our commitment to providing an unparalleled entertainment experience in all aspects of Coca-Cola Park, including our restrooms."

Huge splash. Ha. Get it? X-Stream. Hehe. Get it? Oh, where are Beavis and Butthead when we most need them?

These urinal games are already in use across the pond, and in this video you can watch rave reviews from Londoners (as well as some dude with what looks like a crown shaved into his head).

Sorry, ladies, this is a dudes-only game. It may not be fair, but for now you're stuck in the dark ages before man invented pee-powered video games. You'll just have to check Facebook while you do your business like the cavewomen did.

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