Philadelphia Phillies ‘All-Star Apple’ stuck inside Party City on 14th Street in New York

David Brown
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In a half-stroke of artistic/marketing near-genius, Major League Baseball has begun a semi-tradition of assigning each team an object that relates to the host city for that season's All-Star Game. For example, each major league team got a smaller scale Statue of Liberty painted in its colors and theme when the New York Yankees hosted the Midsummer Classic back in 2008. The statues were placed around the city as conversation pieces at various well-known landmarks. Pretty cool.

Well, this time for the New York Mets, it's an apple theme — as in "The Big Apple" — and the apples are scattered throughout New York for the big game two weeks from Tuesday. reports on the "Parade of Apples":

The 35 MLB-themed All-Star Apple statues, each six feet tall and weighing more than 350 pounds, will appear at various New York locations as a dramatic harbinger of the 84th Midsummer Classic, to be played at Citi Field on July 16. Citi Field, home of the host Mets, is one of the notable locations for the statues, along with such landmarks as Grand Central Terminal, the Intrepid Museum and the New York Public Library.

And ... at a Party City on 14th Street. That's where the Philadelphia Phillies' apple has been relegated to. There's nothing wrong with Party City, if you have party needs and all, but when your team falls to a 39-44 record, you don't always have first choice among the best spots to place your All-Star apple. The 700 Level blog seemed to take it well, but there's little doubt that a Mets fan is having some phun with his or her favorite NL East rival.

Also: The New York hosts did the same thing with the Boston Red Sox's apple — only at a different Party City. It ain't exactly Penn Station, but at least it's the tri-state area.

Amanda Rykoff tried her best to take pictures of the Phillies' apple, but ran into some logistic trouble:

How the mighty Phils have fallen. Even the Miami Marlins get a nice courtyard location outside of the Grace Building.

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