Philadelphia Phillies and NFL’s Eagles shared ‘blue chest of pornography’ at Veterans Stadium in ’90s

David Brown
Big League Stew

Even considering exaggerations and legend, it's likely that Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia is the most notorious sports venue in U.S. history. And we're not talking about booing Santa Claus and throwing snowballs at him, which happened one time and the guy had it coming and it wasn't really even Santa, so shut up about it! And there might have some batteries tossed J.D. Drew's way by Philadelphia Phillies fans. A few rotten apples, ya' know?

It's not all hyperbole-laced, though. Not only was the playing surface known to literally eat players, but local authorities even built a courthouse and jail under the building in order to efficiently adjudicate extremely bad behavior in the stands among fans. And then there were the peepholes in the walls of the Philadelphia Eagles' cheerleaders dressing room, drilled so that horny men could invade their privacy.

OK, so the place sounds like a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. But in one way it was just like any other male-dominated sanctum: Pornography was readily available. Only, the Vet took it to the Nth degree, as former Eagles defensive tackle Hollis Thomas told 94 WIP, a CBS sports station in Philly, on Wednesday. Back in the 1990s, the football team used to share common areas within the Vet with the Phillies, and one of those areas had a library:

“Everybody knows about the blue chest,” he said. “It was an array, a pretty good array of magazines. You actually had a variety too. It was almost like a newsstand, put it that way. Actually, yeah, it was the precursor to the internet. You just picked up one, and there was a little sign that said when you’re done with the book, put it back. I did get a couple of books where the pages were stuck together."

Eww. Brotherly Love taken to a new level. Pornography happens in every stadium, probably. I've seen it. Stew executive editor Kevin Kaduk has seen it. In fact, there was this one time in the White Sox clubhouse with Freddy Garcia and Brian Anderson and ... we can't really say more. Let's just say it happened! It's not a novelty. It's just that the Vet used to deal in smut in its own unique way. R.I.P, the Vet. There's no R.I.P. for porn, though, good or bad (or both), in sports arenas.


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