Phil Hughes tries to glove phantom liner up the middle on double to left center

David Brown
Big League Stew

Right-hander Phil Hughes of the Minnesota Twins evidently saw something nobody else at Kauffman Stadium did Wednesday night. As slugger Salvador Perez of the Kansas City Royals took a big swing and pulled a pitch to left-center for a double, Hughes reacted as though Perez had lined the ball back through the middle.

Hughes flinched and reached to his left, snapping his glove shut in an effort to catch something that wasn't there. Hughes continued to turn his body toward center field, perhaps to see if anyone on the Twins infield could catch up to Perez's BB. But they all had turned around to watch the ball short-hop the fence in left-center, before setting up for a relay throw from the outfield.

"But what about the line drive up the middle?" Hughes might have been saying to himself?

It was bi-ZARRE.

Perez's double tied the score, and Kansas City won 3-2. That's all secondary, though, to Hughes and the invisible liner (via @AaronGleenman on Twitter):

Hughes eventually caught on, but so did teammates like Glen Perkins:

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