‘The Petey and Lomo Show’: Marlins roommates aim for YouTube success with webisode series


JUPITER, Fla. — What happens when a pair of big-league ballplaying roommates head home from spring training workouts and start getting ridiculous?

That's the question Logan Morrison and Bryan Petersen hope to answer with the debut of  "The Petey and Lomo Show." The seven-webisode series starring the two Miami Marlins outfielders debuted Thursday afternoon on SB Nation's new YouTube channel with a four-minute bit that featured the pair forming a Vespa gang called "The Dirty Vs."

It was stupid, it was silly, it was everything we've come to know and love about the two on Twitter (@peteypipes and @lomomarlins). But what are the two friends ultimately aiming for?

"The premise of the show is basically what Lomo and I do when we get home from spring training," the 25-year-old Petersen said on Thursday, just hours after the first webisode dropped.  "It's just a fun thing, man. We're just trying to have some fun in the midst of spring training baseball."

"Petey and Lomo" may be a way for the pair to have fun during their down time, but it's more than just a hobby. The seven webisodes — which feature some of the best production qualities seen in a YouTube-only film — were co-produced by SB Nation and Legit Films, a production company that Petersen co-owns with his friend K.C. Holiday.  In addition to this series, Legit has produced  "Prey For Love," a 28-minute short that Holiday wrote and acted in with five friends. The film is finished and they plan to submit it to a few film festivals.

Petersen said that filming for "Petey and Lomo" is finished as the arrival of spring training games means their time will be much more limited. And if you're wondering if one of these episodes will reveal the reasons behind that picture of the two friends bathing and drinking wine together, you'll be left disappointed.

"That was for something completely different and it got left on the cutting room floor," Petersen explained. " We took some heat for it and other people thought it was funny. But that's just our personality."

So there's no chance of telling us what project the stunt was for?

"It's a secret. But if enough people ask about it, maybe we'll do something."

New webisodes of "The Petey and Lomo Show" debut every Tuesday and Thursday. The trailer for the rest of the season can be found below.