Peter Gammons suspects umpire Angel Hernandez let botched call stand as objection to replay

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

And the plot thickens. Veteran baseball analyst Peter Gammons went on The Dan Patrick Show on Friday and made a bold claim: Angel Hernandez, the umpire who refused to overturn the botched home-run call in Wednesday's Indians-A's game, did so as an objection to the use of instant replay.

Much has been made since the start of this debacle about baseball's old school who don't want to embrace technology, who'd rather let the human element prevail, as flawed as it might be. Those people are out there, for sure, so it's not entirely surprising to hear this alleged of an umpire.

The entire interview is above, but here's the key part: Patrick asked Gammons whether he thought Hernandez purposely missed the call because he's against replay — a baseball version of legislating from the bench, if you will. Gammons responded:

"Well, that was certainly the impression many of us had. You couldn't rationalize seeing what he was able to see, and then saying, 'It's a double.' "

Baseball didn't say much in its statement about the incident. After another ump gaffe on Thursday night, there wasn't too much action from baseball either. So it sounds like we'll be left with speculation — and our fingers crossed that baseball's umpires can get it together.

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