Peter Bourjos inside-the-park homer takes 14.26 seconds (Video)

David Brown

Peter Bourjos of the Los Angeles Angels hit an inside-the-park home run Wednesday night and was unofficially timed at 14 seconds at the scene, Target Field in Minneapolis.

He's so fast, we ought to call him Peter "Blurjos."

Larry Granillo of Tater Trot Tracker, who keeps track of home run trot (or sprint) times, says it took exactly 14.26 seconds for Bourjos to circle the bases on his three-run homer against the Twins and take outfielder Josh Willingham off his own feet in the process. It's the third-fastest time since Granillo started tracking trots in 2010, and the second-fastest for Bourjos, who got around in 14.02 on a three-base error in 2011.

What did it look like from the dugout? Teammate Torii Hunter was quoted by as saying:

"We were all watching on the bench like, 'Oh my God,' " Hunter said. "Ridiculous."

If it would've been Kendrys Morales, instead of Chris Iannetta, on first base?

"It may have only been a double," Bourjos said, smiling. "I joked around with him in the winter. 'I said, 'Hey, if you're on first, where do I have to hit the ball to get you in?' He's like, 'Over the fence.' "

But how fast is Bourjos really? We still don't know because he wasn't running as hard as he could, which is common for inside-the-parkers. For the moment — and it's brief — just watch:

But what about those he leaves in his wake? Alas, poor Willingham.

The outfielder falls down, and he breaks the left-field fence in a practically new ballpark, and then Bourjos scores easily — easily — without even generating a full sprint all of the way around. The Twins won 6-5, so Willingham was able to take the Bourjos moment in stride. So to speak.

"It was an adventurous night," Willingham said. "I was just trying to make a play and got there a little late and the ball jumped off. He can really run."

Might as well stay down.

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