Pete Rose and fiancée Kiana Kim do furniture commercial

David Brown

It makes sense, if you rationalize it, Pete Rose doing a furniture commercial for greater Cincinnati TV. Even these days, regardless of the salaries some athletes make, you'll see a lot of players doing cheap-looking commercials for, say, an auto dealership. They'll do it in exchange for a free lease, usually.

But Charlie Hustle doing Muenchen's Furniture is throwback to a time when pro athletes supplemented their income by becoming actors in "B" productions because they kind of had to. I'm speaking of the 1960s and 1950s, when the genre was young and the production values were, well, not so valuable.

His new commercial is not the nuanced work of 1970s and '80s Pete Rose, when Kool-Aid Man stole a hit from the Hit King. Or when Pete took on Atari all by himself (OK, he had Pele's help). Or when he probably tried to hook up with reporter Betty Buckley because he was an Aqua Velva Man. Pete's biggest concern in the furniture commercial is not eating the prop donut until all the takes were in.

His fiancée, Kiana Kim, reads her lines at least as well as Pete does, but her facial expression when the blonde lady says how cheap the furniture is, well, that will be the talk of the local Clios come award time:

OMG, it's a series! The earlier commercial does not co-star Kiana, however. The producers obviously learned from their mistake.

The Roses might be appearing on camera exclusively via advertisement in the coming times. Their show on TLC was canceled.

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