Pepper: An epic dream stadium, cartoon doppelgangers and Jose Valverde-inspired anger

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

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ABOVE: Imagining the most awesome ballpark in the world. [For The Win]

OH HECK YEAH: Cartoon doppelgangers of 22 major league pitchers. [Guy Code Blog]

ANOTHER ALL-STAR TEAM: Famous guys sharing names with famous players. [NotGraphs]

EXECUTIVE PRODUCING: What baseball movie should come next? [Baseball Nation]

GOOD READ: Jeff Passan on Ron Gardenhire's future in Minnesota. [Yahoo! Sports]

HARD-HITTING ANALYSIS: Important! The definitive baseball and beer index. [Buzzfeed]

YUMMY INFOGRAPHIC: Comparing four famous ballpark hot dogs. [Coupon Cabin]

BURNING QUESTION: Who's in more trouble? Dodgers or Angels? [Yahoo! Sports]

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Chipper Jones' high-school scouting report. [MLB Fan Cave]

FIGURES: Fenway anthem "Sweet Caroline" makes big sales jump. [Yahoo! Sports]

TELL 'EM WHY YOU MAD: Angry Tigers fan react to the return to Jose Valverde. [HuffPo]

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