Pennsylvania men arrested for trying to steal Wrigley ivy

David Brown
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Because ivy doesn't grow at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia — oh, wait, it DOES — two Pennsylvania men were arrested in Chicago early Sunday morning for trying to steal some of the iconic green stuff from historic Wrigley Field.

The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times gave details of the attempted heist, which concluded with no property damage or actual theft.

A pair of 25-year-olds from Chalfont, Pa. — Kevin Burge and Steven Gudknecht — were charged with misdemeanor trespassing after "they managed to squeeze through metal security bars, climb through a window and were found walking inside Wrigley Field, police said," the Tribune reports. Oh, to be 25 and skinny.

Hey, Philly, do people from Chicago come to your town and try to kidnap the Phanatic?

The Sun-Times got a response from the Cubs:

"The men apparently wanted to take a couple pieces of ivy from the outfield walls,” Cubs spokesman Julian Green said. There was no property damage and nothing was stolen.

“This is not the first time that something like this has happened,” Green said about previous attempts of trespassers to steal ivy.

It also happened a year ago on New Year's Day, in fact.

What gave the dynamic duo away? Wrigley Field might be 100 years old but, as Chicago Police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli says, the ballpark has been retrofitted with some modern conveniences:

Wrigley Field security officers spotted the men on video surveillance walking through the building, Mirabelli said.

D'oh! Former Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa knows all about Wrigley's video surveillance system. You're not alone guys.

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