Peek-a-boo, we see you, Yankee Stadium souvenir thief!

A warning for those of you thinking about risking arrest over the weekend while trying to take a little piece of Yankee Stadium from the cathedral's final series: We are equipped with high-definition cameras and powerful broadcast signals. We are aided by broadcast teams willing to mock your brazen attempts at stealing memories in front of thousands and we are helped by bloggers willing to break down your thievery, frame by frame. In other words, YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!

Not even anything as small as chipping off a piece of the aging left field foul pole will go unnoticed, even though we question why you would try us for something as trivial as a yellow paint fragment that you will have no way of proving that it came from these hallowed grounds. As WGN broadcaster Darrin Jackson said on Thursday night, if you are going to go out, at least go out with a crow bar and a mezzanine seat underneath your oversized trench coat. GO AHEAD, TRY US!

Whatever you plan to steal, let it be known that no one not named Steinbrenner — and we mean, no one — will desecrate the memory of Yankee Stadium until everything that cannot be sold off as a neatly-parceled trinket is demolished by an unapologetic wrecking ball! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

(Pictures from WGN's broadcast of Thursday's White Sox-Yankees game.)