Pedroia's MLB '09: The Show hits one past Lincecum's MLB 2K9

Despite the Stew's affinity for all things Tiny Tim Lincecum (or probably because of it), I've been disappointed with the shoddy scripts that some ad agency stuck him with for his MLB2K9 commercials. Over the past month, I wanted to post one, two or all three, but none were up to snuff, instead coming off as poorly-conceived "This Is SportsCenter" knockoffs.

Luckily, there's Diminutive Dustin Pedroia to save the day with this excellent spot for MLB '09:The Show for Play Station. I'm not a big baseball video game guy — still playing the great PowerPros for PS2 — but I've been told The Show series is superior to its 2KSports counterpart. If these commercials are any indication, I'd say these people aren't misleading me.

For some great photos from the Pedroia shoot, head on over to Center Field. If you'd like to see Pedroia and former Bears kicker Kevin Butler continue their debate, check out the official site.

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