Pedro Martinez: Ice cream man for a day in Boston

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

We all know how glorious the ice cream man can be on a hot day. So imagine being in Boston, being a Red Sox fan, seeing an ice cream truck, then recognizing the perm inside handing out cool deliciousness. Pedro Martinez!

Yep, one of baseball's more feared heat-throwers was handing out the cold stuff on Tuesday in Boston. It was part of a promotion with Good Humor, and as you can imagine, it got quite popular. Free ice cream would draw a crowd. Free ice cream from one of the Red Sox most famous pitchers? That's a double win.

How do you pass that up? Well, unless you're Don Zimmer. Or Karim Garcia.

Best ice cream man since Big Perm Worm in "Friday?" We think so.

BLS H/N: Cut4

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