Pedro Martinez adds color clothing, colorful commentary to the MLB postseason

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Baseball fans can enjoy 11 consecutive hours of playoff coverage Monday on TBS — with three games, plus pre and postgame shows. The Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers all have the opportunity to close out their LDS series on Monday in back-to-back-to back games. (Follow along on our scoreboard).

It's quite the schedule of baseball, so we probably won't see too awfully much of TBS' studio show, which is hosted by Keith Olbermann and features Pedro Martinez on its analyst panel, among others. We'll be watching for Pedro, though, because we're fans of the jheri curl and because we want to see if he'll dress as fly as he did on Sunday.

Look at that shirt. It looks like something the Miami Marlins gave all their employees at the holiday Christmas party last year. But look how happy Pedro is to be wearing it.

On a non-rainbow note, Will Leitch of Sports on Earth wrote on Monday about the TBS studio show and how it's one of the best things about the postseason so far. He was particularly fond of Pedro, calling him the "breakout star of the postseason" — with nary a wardrobe mention.

Pedro is quick, whip-smart and brutally honest. This is a person so talented and beloved that no one has even told him not to say something, so he just plunges forward, undaunted. He's not afraid to disagree with his fellow panelists, bluntly, awkwardly, awesomely. He also, because he's Pedro Martinez, once of the most cerebral pitchers in baseball history, has a subconscious understanding of the game on nearly every level.

He also has the luxury of working for the same network as Craig Sager, so Pedro can be as colorful as he wants to be.

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