Pedro Alvarez fan looks a lot like Pedro Alvarez

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Despite all those previous concerns about Pedro Alvarez's weight, it isn't difficult to tell the real thing from the guy who dresses as him in the stands of PNC Park. The Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman is svelte compared to his ticket-buying doppelganger, who actually looks a little more like an older brother or cousin whose glory days appear behind him.

The similarities between the two, however, are still close enough that we can add Parallel Pedro to a list of imitators that includes the Ichiro Impostor that was thrown out of Safeco Field last season for interfering with a play. He also seems to bring some luck to the real Alvarez as he was present for Alvarez's two-homer night during Pittsburgh's 9-0 win over St. Louis on Tuesday. Watch him celebrate the second home run of the night:

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