Paper airplane interrupts Phillies thrashing of Dodgers, Vin Scully provides play-by-play

Weird baseball came to Dodger Stadium on Friday night.

The Philadelphia Phillies built up a 16-1 lead and ultimately defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers by that score behind a career-high six RBIs from Delmon Young. That alone should tell you how unusual this game was. In the ninth inning, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly turned to his emergency reliever, infielder Skip Schumaker, who was actually the only Los Angeles hurler to record a scoreless appearance. He also threw in a strikeout of Humberto Quintero.

Like I said, this game was the opposite of normal, and for those die-hard (or unfortunate) fans who managed to hang in for the entire nine innings, it got a little boring, too.

What happens when fans get bored? Naturally, they begin to entertain themselves. More times than not it's 'The Wave' that starts making its way around the stadium to the annoyance of thousands, but when the building is 90-percent empty, that's not a real option. Next up is the beach ball, but apparently one of those wasn't available.

That leaves only one thing: The paper airplane.

This was definitely a paper airplane kinda night, and with Vin Scully there to call the landing and note that the 'paper airplane boy' was being brought in to scoop it up, it provided the lone highlight of the night for the Dodger faithful.

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