Padres’ reporter Kelly Crull latest to take repeat Gatorade baths during postgame celebrations

Gatorade baths are not a new thing in sports, but it sure seems like we’re seeing more reporters taking the brunt of those celebratory antics than we have in years past.

Remember poor Julia Alexandria? In her first two broadcasts as the Washington Nationals reporter on MASN, she found herself getting doused while attempting to conduct respective postgame interviews with pitchers Gio Gonzalez and Jordan Zimmermann.

Talk about a cruel and unusual initiation into the world of Major League Baseball.

But hey, at least she's not alone. Not anymore. Now we have Fox Sports San Diego reporter Kelly Crull, who on Wednesday night was interviewing Padres outfielder Will Venable following his game-winning hit against the Seattle Mariners. As you'll see in the video posted above, the interview went smoothly for about 20 seconds or so. Then, suddenly, Yonder Alonso emerges from the Padres dugout carrying a bucket full of orange Powerade.

The rest, as they say, is history. And thanks to USA Today Sports photographer Christopher Hanewinckel, that history will be forever documented in this outstanding shot-by-shot sequence of events.

Good news, bad news and worst news for Crull.

The good news: She did manage to avoid taking a direct hit and continued the interview without fail.

The bad news: It's tough to find a good dry cleaner late at night in San Diego.

The worst news: As it so often does, history repeated itself early Saturday morning as the Padres knocked off the Blue Jays in 17 innings thanks to Jesus Guzman's RBI single.

Not cool, Jesus. Not cool!

Give Crull credit, though: At least she was prepared this time and wore black. Plus, she was a good sport and again went about her business. We can all appreciate that.

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