The Padres' buzz is back! (Wait, it's just a swarm of bees)

Bees! Bees! Bees everywhere!

In a year where we've seen a cat interrupt a Cubs game and some gulls play a decisive role in an Indians win, a Major League Baseball game interrupted by a swarm of bees only makes sense.

And that's what happened Thursday afternoon as thousands of bees — no, not these Killer Bees or even the Killer B's that used to play in Houstondescended upon San Diego's Petco Park in the ninth inning of the Astros' 7-2 victory over the Padres.

Seriously, who ordered a made-for-TV movie in downtown San Diego today?

From the Associated Press:

A beekeeper was called to the downtown ballpark and sprayed a chair and a ballgirl's jacket that had attracted the bees. Padres president Tom Garfinkel said a few thousand bees attached themselves to a queen bee.

"The umpires made the right call to stop the game," Garfinkel said. "There's a couple thousand bees there. If they decide to swarm on a person, whether that's a player, an employer or obviously a fan, we could have a real situation."

The beekeeper arrived at 3:56 p.m., quickly did his job to applause from the fans who remained, and the game resumed 5 minutes later.

Honestly, what's next? Packs of wild dogs wandering the nation's ballparks? Stampeding elephants? Tigers leaping from the stands to maul sliding runners?

Ah well, all's well that ends well and let it be said that the bees proved to be less a nuisance than either Manny Ramirez(notes) or the horde of media that will arrive in San Diego on Friday night to document his return to baseball after a 50-game suspension. ( Sting! Zing!)

Thursday's MVB

(Most Valuable Beekeeper)