Padres ball woman makes play of the night to save Dodgers fan from possible doom

David Brown

It's the play of the season so far, even if Major League Baseball has played only three games (one domestic) to this point. A San Diego Padres ball girl, working the right field line at Petco Park, made a terrific catch with a glove in the bottom of the eighth inning Sunday night — and saved a Los Angeles Dodgers fan in the process.

Only she's not a ball girl, per say, but a ball woman. A ball mama, even. Her name is Catalina McKasson and she's the mother of three girls, the Padres told Big League Stew. She's been with the team since 2002.

The Padres had just rallied against Brian Wilson's Beard and the Los Angeles Dodgers to take a 3-1 lead and the park was buzzing with Yonder Alonso at the plate. He lined an 0-2 pitch from Paco Rodriguez foul and heading toward the head of a female Dodgers fan sitting in the front row where the stands curve toward the plate. Adding injury to insult on opening day would not have been cool, "Beat L.A." chants aside," so it's a good thing McKasson was on her toes.

Nice job on the part of the ball girl to hand the souvenir to a young fan also, but that's just part of the job. Protecting Dodgers fans goes above and beyond the call in San Diego, even though it's the right thing. This karma will come back on the Padres in a good way.

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