Pablo Sundaeval: Giants' Panda won't lose weight this way

A day ago, Deadspin ran this amusing photo of Pablo Sandoval(notes) sitting in front of a deliciously gigantic dessert — a Colossal Brownie Sundae from Buca di Beppo.

Sigh. The irony for San Francisco Giants fans probably was disconcerting, considering that Sandoval's flabby condition during the 2010 season contributed to his lousy numbers and eventual benching. He played in only six of the Giants' 15 postseason games.

The originators of the Sundaeval story — the aptly named Inside Scoop SF — note that Sandoval was dining with his family, and the party included children and we're to infer that he shared the dish — which is recommended for SIX.

But San Francisco general manager Brian Sabean, regardless if he saw the photo or not, won't tolerate an out-of-shape Sandoval anymore. He gathered with the local media Friday and discussed many topics for the team's 2011 title defense, including Panda.

Via Henry Schulman's Twitter:

Sabean: Panda starts next year in minors if he doesnt get his act together.

It's a reasonable position, considering Sandoval's state at this time last year, when he was starting "Operation Panda" in order to shape up. Sandoval getting caught with a hypoglycemia-creating sundae this offseason is not the stuff of dramatic weight loss.

Sabean's message to Sandoval seems clear: Shape up or ship out.

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