Pablo Sandoval takes women up on offer, swats rare homer in exchange for naming rights

So does this mean we've got baby Pablos and Pandas on the way in San Francisco?

We'll have to look into whether a posterboard promise is a legally binding document in the state of California, but Pablo Sandoval would seem to be in line for a couple of namesake fans after swatting a three-run homer in the first inning of the Giants' 7-1 win over Colorado on Wednesday night.

Sandoval's swing likely took the two women who were sitting behind home plate with the "Hit a home run and we will name our babies after you!" sign off guard as I'm guessing they brought the sign for Buster Posey. The NL MVP candidate is the only active Giant with a double-digit homer total.

Then again, Sandoval took everyone by surprise when he took an ankle-high slider from Tyler Chatwood on an 0-2 count and golfed it into the right-field arcade. The homer was Sandoval's ninth of the season, but first of the second half. He had gone 161 at-bats since homering on July 8.

''He hadn't hit a home run since like three years ago,'' winning pitcher Matt Cain told reporters while laughing.

Yes, Sandoval's homer was ugly and lucky. But it was also pretty fun to watch as the replay below shows you. And since no Giant followed his lead during the game — San Francisco is so powerless that it hasn't homered in 85 of its 149 games this year — it looks like our ladies are stuck.

Young Pablo and Panda, it is.

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