Pablo Sandoval benched by Red Sox after using Instagram during game

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The disappointing, last-place Boston Red Sox are spiraling toward dysfunction if the latest news out of their clubhouse is any indication.

Pablo Sandoval, in the middle of an up-and-down first season in Boston, was benched Thursday after he admitted to liking pictures of women on Instagram during Wednesday's game in Atlanta. It immediately brought to mind the disappointing 2011 Red Sox and their chicken-and-beer scandal.

Here's ESPN's Gordon Edes with the news out of the Red Sox clubhouse:

This was made public by Jared Carrabis, the Red Sox blogger with Barstool Sports, who noticed that Sandoval was liking pictures during Boston's 5-2 loss Wednesday. Instagram's activity tab shows when you like a picture, which if Sandoval didn't know before, he's definitely knows now.

It's 2015, we know that people use their phones in the bathroom, but baseball has rules that prohibit players from using social media during games. So even double tapping photos is a no-no. Pete Abraham of The Boston Globe says Sandoval could face discipline from MLB as well. Oops.

Sandoval left the San Francisco Giants in the winter and signed with the Red Sox for $95 million. As he settled into Boston, Sandoval talked about how he thought the Giants didn't treat him well. For a while, there were whispers that he didn't like how the club and media scrutinized his weight. Oh, Pablo, just wait and watch the field day the East Coast media has with this. 

We'll give Sandoval credit for one thing, though: He didn't come out afterward and say he was hacked, which is what often happens when a celebrity commits a social media gaffe. One hacking scandal in baseball is enough for this week, thanks.

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