Has Ozzie Guillen bobblehead night been canceled by the Marlins?

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen will make his return to the dugout on Tuesday after serving a five-game suspension for his comments in Time about Fidel Castro.

Whether or not his May 30 bobblehead night returns to the giveaway schedule on the team's website remains to be seen.

Though the miniature likeness of Guillen was touted as one of the top promotions in early March,  it is no longer listed on the Marlins' promotional calendar.

So what gives?

Has the team completely canceled the giveaway due to fears that the field at Marlins Ballpark would be bombarded by thousands of bobbleheads during that night's game against the Nationals?

Have the Marlins postponed it to a later date, once they're sure the controversy has died down?

Or will they simply place all the bobbleheads in a secure location?  Like, say, behind the glass at the team's giant bobblehead museum at the ballpark?

Even if the promotion is still a "go," we can't say for certain as a Marlins spokesman did not immediately respond to our inquiry on Tuesday morning. (We'll update you if he does.)

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If the promotion really is canceled, it really speaks to just how much the Marlins already want to perform the impossible task of removing Guillen from the spotlight. It would seem that he's already done being the face of the franchise, three months into the job.

The good news, though, would be that they've got almost four whole years left on Guillen's contract to figure out how to repurpose those dolls so they look like the next manager.

* * *

While we're talking about the Marlins,  Showtime just released a three-minute trailer for this Saturday's sneak preview episode of "The Franchise." There was already a 100 percent chance I was going to watch this, but I'm now counting down the days knowing that cameras were present for the moment when the Marlins told Guillen he had been suspended. The show will air at 9 p.m. ET.

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