Own a piece of the Metrodome: Pitcher’s mound and famous right field baggie are up for bid

The Minnesota Twins left the Metrodome in their rear view mirror when they moved to Target Field in 2010, but the dome has since remained active hosting games for the University of Minnesota along with the Minnesota Vikings, who will play there through the completion of the 2013 NFL season. Because of that, many of the usual stadium farewell events have yet to take place or are just now taking place, including the auctioning off of several cool artifacts and mementos from the Dome's 31-year history.

That's about to change now though, as Twincities.com is reporting the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, which is the same company that's overseeing the construction of the Vikings new stadium set to open in 2016, recently listed several items that are now open for bidding. The items include several that would be very interesting to baseball fans. Most notably, the pitcher's mound can be yours, and so can the famous "baggie" that served as the right field fence and stood out as the Dome's most unique feature.

Here's more from Twincities.com:

The mound is the one used at the Dome since March 2004, so you won't be able to stand on the same dirt where Jack Morris pitched his magical World Series Game 7 in 1991. (That one is under the turf and likely won't be rescued for sale, officials say.) But you can tell people it's the mound Gophers pitcher Tom Windle used to throw a no-hitter in March.

And the baggie, which measures 16 feet by 190 feet, does not include the advertising, so you'll have to find your own picture of a big truck.

Well, those are slight letdowns. The new mound obviously has far less history, but hey, it's not like those become available every day. On the other hand, it would be cool to get the baggie as it was, but it's still a unique piece of the history. In both cases, it's surprising the bidding hasn't taken off yet, but maybe it will soon now that more people are becoming aware of the auction.

Other items being auctioned include flooring used at concerts, a field-turf groomer, a water-source heat pump and sheets of foam insulation. There also is a "Super Sopper Water Picker Upper," which you'd think would have been just the thing after snow caved in the roof in 2010, but the description says it's been "used very little."

Say "Super Sopper Water Picker Upper" ten times fast and it should be yours for free.

The report also notes that seats from the Metrodome are not yet available, but that could change once the Vikings season ends next month. It's also believed the bullpen mounds will be available as well, so there should be plenty of opportunity to own a piece of Metrodome memorabilia.

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