Ouch: Carlos Lee’s backswing knocks umpire Joe West upside the head (Video)

Carlos Lee's preference to stay with the Miami Marlins instead of accepting a trade to the contending New York Yankees didn't elicit more than a shrug from anybody. It's been a long time since El Caballo has been a factor in baseball, so why did it matter?

One person who might be wishing that Lee had headed to the Bronx, however, is umpire "Cowboy" Joe West. That way Lee wouldn't have been at Marlins Ballpark on Wednesday night to knock him upside the head with a fierce backswing.

The egomaniacal West deservedly doesn't receive a lot of respect from just about everyone. But you have to give him some credit for staying in the game. If anything would've given him a good excuse to retire to The Cleveland for a few pain-deadening pops it would've been that.

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