Open thread: White Sox vs. Rays, ALDS Game Two

Judging from the playoff schedule, it seems this White Sox-Rays series is being treated like the uncle no one ever talks about — out of sight and out of mind, located in a spot only the truly interested will take time to vist. Tonight's Game 2 opens in the no-man's-land time slot of 6:05 ET on Friday night, presumably so that New Englanders do not have to stay up too late to watch the Red Sox-Angels, which begins at 9:35 ET. Should the series reach Game 4, it will take place at 4 on Monday afternoon.

That's a shame, too, because I think this series still has the potential to match Boston and Los Angeles, not only for intrigue and entertainment, but also a four- or five-game length. If Thursday's fireworks between Grant Balfour and Orlando Cabrera are any indication, there's a chance we could be seeing some Must-See Television out of Tampa Bay tonight. The pitching matchup is a good one, too, with lefties Mark Buehrle and Scott Kazmir taking the mounds for their respective teams.

The AP preview story is here, Inside Edge scouting report is here and Gordon Edes' pregame dispatch from St. Pete is here. Start leaving your thoughts in the comments below while I try to go rustle up some pregame grub before a game most of America is going to regrettably miss.

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