Open thread: Brewers vs. Phillies, NLDS Game 2

The initial impulse is to say you'd want to see CC Sabathia pitching back home at Miller Park, in front of a packed-house of manic Milwaukee tailgaters, with the advantage of a normal five-day rest and with his team just one win away from advancing to the next round. Postcard-perfect, yes.

But then you think about the situation he's facing tonight in Philadelphia. The Brewers are down 1-0 to the Phillies, they're looking at a 2-0 hole and they're playing in a hostile environment. Is there anyone you'd rather have facing The Fightins' in that situation? Yeah, just let Dave Bush try to handle things when the Crew gets back home.

Adding to the intrigue for the non-partisans among us is the fact that Sabathia, one of the most likeable guys in the league, is going against Brett Myers, a pitcher with a record and outlook that we need not reiterate on this hallowed Internet space.

At any rate, the matchup is about a half-hour away. AP preview here, Inside Edge scouting report here, Philly remembrance of Cole's great Game 1 start here and what TBS mistakenly thinks Carlos Ruiz's nickname is here.

Put 'yer in-game comments — odes to CC, homilies on Howard — in the space below.

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