Open thread: Brewers at Phillies, NLDS Game One

Just got this email from a Brewer fan friend as he prepares to watch the first Milwaukee postseason game in almost 10,000 days (no, that's not a typo — Ten. Thousand. Days.):

"Back in the day, it was 'Spahn and Sain and pray for rain.' Now it's "Forget Wednesday, CC, pray for three days of rain, CC, pray for three more days of rain, then CC again.' A little wordier, but you get the picture."

I'm pretty sure he'd like to be wrong and the only person who could prove him wrong is Game 1 starter Yovani Gallardo, a still-recovering pitcher who, even if he gives them six solid, will still have to hand the ball over to Milwaukee's suspect pen.

Gallardo will be going against left-hander Cole "Hollywood" Hamels, who is looking for that first big contract and can lock up a few more bucks with some clutch performances in the playoffs. After being swept by Colorado in last year's first round, Philadelphia will need a fast start.

The game — and a great day of baseball — begins in about 20 or so minutes. You can read the AP preview here, Steve Henson's dispatch here and the Inside Edge scouting report here. You can also follow my in-game thoughts on Twitter and talk amongst yourselves in the comment section below.

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