Matt Holliday hits home run with his fly down

David Brown
Big League Stew

Matt Holliday has been slugging away in the major leagues for nearly 10 seasons, but he committed a rookie mistake Thursday night when he hit career home run No. 240. He went to the plate with the zipper on his pants down. Way down. All of the way down. Holliday's was the most open stance in baseball this season.

And it was easy to tell, on TV and at the ballpark. It was so obvious that Holliday's teammates on the St. Louis Cardinals greeted him in the dugout with some borderline NSFW nonverbal communication that only heightened the embarrassment and awkwardness. And awesomeness.

Known for a b@!!s out, maximum-effort style on the field, Holliday has been a top hitter since he broke in with the Colorado Rockies in 2004. And he's compiled quite a list of ... bloopers, if you will:

• The time he slid into home plate with his face in the playoffs.

• The time he got hit in the junk (speaking of flies) at Dodger Stadium in the playoffs.

• The time a moth invaded his ear.

And now, the time he circled the bases with his epidermis showing. No doubt it's happened before in Major League Baseball, it's just, did it have to be so obvious and in-your-face? YES. Because that's how Matt Holliday rolls.

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