Here’s one way to extract a tooth using baseball equipment

Apparently extracting loose teeth in unconventional ways is a fad on Youtube these days.

What typically happens is dental floss will be tied to a child's loose tooth by an adult with a video camera, and then shortly thereafter the tooth is yanked out by a moving object. For example, one end of the floss could be tied to the tooth and the other end to a door knob. When the door is closed, out pops the tooth, adult catches reaction on film and then everybody awaits the Tooth Fairy.

In many ways it seems like an ill-advised (and relatively silly) exercise, but I suppose if you know the tooth is hanging on by a thread there’s really no harm in trying something creative.

And that brings us to today’s video. In it, a young girl willingly — we think — allows one of her two front teeth to be yanked out by her baseball playing older brother. One end of the floss is tied around her tooth, the other is tied around what appears to be a regulation baseball. When their dad flips the ball in the air, brother swings for the fences and the tooth goes flying.

If you watch the video, it actually looks like it stings quite a bit, but she shook it off like a major leaguer not wanting to acknowledge the 95 mph fastball he just took in the ribcage. For that, she gets a thumbs up. But at the end of the day we're probably better off putting this under the "don't try this at home" banner. Just to be safe.

BLS H/N: Cut 4 (via Uni Watch)

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